Στὸν Νικηφόρο Μανδηλαρᾶ

Mikis Theodorakis / Mίκης Θεοδωράκης
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OriginalVersione inglese di Riccardo Venturi (2004)
Μαθαίνοντας τὸν θάνατό σου
δὲν μπόρεσα νὰ κλάψω.
στὸ κρεβάτι τοῦ Νοσοκομείου.
Δάγκωνα τὶς κουβέρτες μὲ λύσσα,
θυμόμουνα τὴν τελευταία μας συνάντηση.
Δὲν θὰ τολμήσουν, ἔλεγες.
Δὲν ἔχουν ἄλλο δρόμο, σ' ἀπαντοῦσα.
Αὐτὸς ὁ δρόμος θἄναι ὁ τάφος τους,
φώναζες μὲ πίστη.
Ναὶ, Νικηφόρε, θἄναι ὁ τάφος τους.
Αὐτὴ τὴν υπόσχεση σοῦ δίνουμε
ἀντί γιὰ μνημόσυνο.
When I learned about your death I couldn't cry.
I turned
and turned around in my hospital bed.
I bit the blankets in my hospital,
I remembered our last meeting.
"They won't dare to do it", you said,
"That's the only way they have", I answered.
"And this way will be their grave!",
you shouted, so self-confident.
Yes, Nikiforos, it will be their grave.
And we make you this promise
instead of a requiem.

[1] Corrected and integrated on May 7, 2017.

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