George Walker Bush II



100 songs in this group

A Boy Named Bush
(Jason Andreas)
Another Bush Bites The Dust
(Our Earth Music)
Ar brezel mod nevez
(Kan an Drask)
(The Coup)
Bim Bum Bush!
(Guido Foddis)
Both Sides Of The Gun
(Ben Harper)
(Pearl Jam)
Burning Bush
(Seize The Day)
(Compassionate Conservatives)
Bush & Blair
Bush (De wereld is geen schietschijf)
(Doc Jazz)
Bush And Saddam
(Everton Blender)
Bush Can Eat My Bush
(Tanya Janca)
Bush History Lesson
(Les Visible)
Bush It!
(Darryl Cherney)
Bush Lies in Bed
(Neil Conway)
Bush menzognero
(Franco Trincale)
Bush Must Be Defeated
(Dan Bern)
Bush Song
Bush War Blues
(Billy Bragg)
Bush War Shoes
(Riccardo Scocciante)
Bush-toi d'là
(Our Earth Music)
(Kai Kreowski)
(Talib Kweli)
(Tom Chelston)
C.R.A.B. (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft & Bush)
(Todd Samusson)
Capital G
(Nine Inch Nails)
Companheiro Bush
(Tom Zé)
Continuing War on Stupidity
(Napalm Death)
Dear Mr. Bush
(Ralph Buckley)
Dear Mr. President
(The S.T.O.P. Movement)
Dear Mr. President
Der Sheriff
(D.A.F. (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft))
Dirty Harry
Dry Drunk Emperor
(TV On The Radio)
Dubya Can't Wait
(Norm Jenson)
Enduring Peace [20 marzo 2003]
(Ivan Della Mea)
Fuck You (Guess Who Batman)
(Lily Allen)
Fuck Your Fear
(The Walkabouts)
George Bush
(The Legendary Jones Gang)
George Bush is an Islamic Fundamentalist
(The Rub)
George W. Told The Nation...
(Tom Paxton)
Georges Bush voudrait une guerre
(Les Amères Noëlles)
Go Home, George
(Whisky Rebellion)
Great Big Lies
(Dumb Presidents)
Hail to the Chief
(John McCutcheon)
He Bombed My Daddy
(Hillbilly Democrats)
(Bloc Party)
Hey Clown
I'm With Stupid
(Pet Shop Boys)
Il aurait dû
(Gabriel Yacoub)
In Our Little Town
(Holly Near)
It Takes A Guy Like Bush...
(Ryan Harvey)
Kill The Emperor
Laying on the Ground
(Joshua Finsel)
(Kevin Stringer)
Little Emperor
(Steve Earle)
Long Dark Night
(John Fogerty)
Mad Cowboy Disease
(Vic Sadot)
Maux de Bush
Midnight Confessions (of Emperor George W. Bush)
(Compassionate Conservatives)
Monkey in a Suit
(The Queers)
Mr. President
(Jean Marie Benjamin)
No Blood for Oil
(No Name Soldier)
Petroleum Bonaparte
(Jim Page)
Portrait of a Sick America
(The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers)
Red White and Blue
(Born 2 Soon)
Some Humans Ain’t Human
(John Prine)
Son Of A Bush
(Public Enemy)
Stars & Stripes
(Matt Martinek)
Stone Cold Corruption (A Tribute to Bush)
(Electric Shadow)
Support the Troops
(Country Joe McDonald)
Sweet Neo Con
(Rolling Stones)
Sympathy For The Dubya
(The Gil-Monster)
Take Your War and Stick It Up Your Arse
(Billy Sollox and The Spooner Rhythms)
Tel père tel fils
The Bush Administration Asks The UN For Help
(Mike Silverstein)
The Bush Boys
(The Mammals)
The Bush, The Blair And The Fjogh
(Bo Richardt)
The George W. Bush Blues
The Idiot Son Of An Asshole
The Nang, The Front, The Bush And The Shit
The Twelve Days Of Bushmas
(Dave Lippman)
Too Much Bush
(The Home and Ug Lee Band)
Vampire Blues
(Neil Young)
War Criminal George (Part One)
(Angry Brigade)
War In Iraq
(The George W. Bush Singers)
War Without End, Amen Amen
(Sue Jeffers)
Welcome Back Khadr
(Evelyn Wreckage)
When The President Talks To God
(Bright Eyes)
Worst President Ever
(Funk Vigilante)
Yabba Dubya Doo
(Dubbin' Dubya & the Steven Mays)
Yankee Doodle Georgie
(Vicki Ryder)
Yo George
(Tori Amos)
You Ain't a Cowboy
(Stephan Smith)

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