March The Heroes Home

Blackmore's Night
Lingua: Inglese

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Blackmore's Night
I sing the praise of honored wars
of glory and of kings
The bravery of soldiers,
The joy that peace can bring
The captains on their way home,
The ribbons on their chests
They've packed away the firearms
the trumpets lay to rest...

They've taken in the battlefields
with one last weary breath
And set their sights on something new
while there's still something left
The poets and the dreamers
thank the stars above
For leaving hatred in the dust
and bringing back the love...

Over land and over sea
March The Heroes Home
For the faithful, for the free
March The Heroes Home
We'll be waiting when you
March The Heroes Home
All the night and day through
March The Heroes Home...

The flowers laughing in the fields
boast colors bright and new
A hind of freedom in the air,
the chimes are ringing true
They're bringing in the New Year
and ringing out the old
Beconing the springtime
though winter winds blow cold...

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