Got Guns?

Pete Kronowitt
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & music by Peter Kronowitt
Album: A Lone Voice
 A Lone Voice

Every act of gun violence has at least one accomplice. And that organization is getting away with...murder.
The NRA (1) is here to stay
Go and get some guns today
There's a reason it rhymes with fun
Go out today and get a gun

Guns in the belfry,
guns in the pews
Good guys with guns
drinking lots of booze
Hellfire and brimstone
that's where it's at
Don't be surprise
when you hear Rat-a-tat-tat!

The NRA won't go
Everybody better learn to pray
Don’t tell me that you're too young
If you have a hand, get a gun

Guns in the playground
Guns at school
Waterproof guns
in the backyard pool
Sticks and stones
may break your bones and
There's an app for that,
it's a gun

Click-click boom you need a gun in every room
Click-click boom then silence fills the room
Suicides, and accidents and random acts of violence
That ringing in your ears is eternal silence

Guns kill people,
children too
Eight kids die every day
I guess they don't got guns

Boom boom bye-bye
Stick a bullet in your eye
I wish I may I wish I must
Get shot and then you turn to dust

The empty chamber is your head
No need to fill that thing with lead
That barrel of monkeys
is the NRA

Guns in asylums,
guns in bars
What do you do
without a gun in your car?
If you don't got a gun
and you better get on the run
'cause you know you need
you know what you need…

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