Humans Remain Still

Lingua: Strumentale

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Μουσική Musica / Music / Musique / Sävel:

Ερμηνεία Interpreti / Performed by / Interprétée par / Laulavat:

Please do not resign, 2013  Aboudia
Please do not resign, 2013 Aboudia

L’ultimo brano degli OP3, diffuso a marzo 2020, reca la seguente motivazione:

We hope this track will find its way through the darkest of times, in your hearts, playlists and beyond. Some things, find a purpose in times of need and despair. Humans Remain Still was written during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, bringing back the era of a more ambient and atmospheric sound of the band.
Despite the title, Op3 don't remain still. They push forward to bring down the barriers of what cannot be done, with their art emerging through the darkest of times.

Non so perché, questa musica mi fa venire in mente Vittorio Arrigoni con la sua fede nell’uomo.
[Riccardo Gullotta]

inviata da Riccardo Gullotta - 20/4/2020 - 17:23

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