The Spirit of 1776

Eighty Bug
Lingua: Inglese

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The “Spirit of 1776” music video (2014) has been produced by performer and songwriter Eighty Bug; directors Edwin Carungay and Lesha Maria Rodriguez; art director Jon Lagda; and the Suffragist Sisters, featuring Eighty (banjolele and vocals), her sister Savannah Creech (vocals), Ashli Lee Christoval, Laura Guaico , and Lisa Lui (violin), in addition to Max McVetty (percussion), and the integral JRAT (guitar, mixing and mastering). The Heritage Museum of Orange County in Santa Ana, California provided the sets and production support.

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Una sorta di inno suffragista, questa volta riferito al movimento suffragista americano.
And the women united to free every man
But alas with men’s freedom there still was a lack
Each voice should be heard but only could half
To be free to speak and the children to laugh

So they stood once again, every misses and girl
And filled up the wagon with banners unfurled
And they paved the way bold for each gal to come
To be treated as one, be you daughter or son

It’s the spirit of freedom that we still fight for
And now just like them we’ll still go door to door
So load up the wagon with signs high on sticks
Come along for the Spirit of Seventeen Seventy Six

After houses were cleaned and the children attended
After dinner was served and the torn things were mended
Without wanting or waiver they gathered together
Suffragetting in all kinds of weather.

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