The March of the Women (Shoulder to Shoulder)

Cicely Mary Hamilton
Lingua: Inglese

"The March of the Women" (Shoulder to shoulder) fu composta da Dame Ethel Smyth nel 1910 su testo di Cicely Hamilton.

La canzone fu cantata la prima volta il 23 marzo 1911 ad una raccolta fondi all'Albert Hall a Londra, e divenne presto l'inno del movimento suffragista. Nel 1912 venne cantata nella prigione di Holloway a Londra dove erano imprigionate più di 100 suffragette comprese Mrs. Pankhurst ed Ethel Smyth, per aver distrutto, in un attacco simultaneo e coordinato in più parti di Londra, le finestre degli oppositori al suffragio femminile.
Shout, shout, up with your song!
Cry with the wind for the dawn is breaking.
March, march, swing you along,
Wide blows our banner and hope is waking.
Song with its story, dreams with their glory,
Lo! They call and glad is their word.
Forward! Hark how it swells
Thunder of freedom, the voice of the Lord.
Long, long, we in the past,
Cower’d in dread from the light of Heaven;
Strong, strong, stand we at last;
Fearless in faith and with sight new given.
Strength with its beauty, life with its duty
(Hear the voice, oh, hear and obey).
These, these beckon us on,
Open your eyes to the blaze of day!

Comrades, ye who have dared,
First in the battle to strive and sorrow;
Scorned, spurned, naught ye have cared,
Raising your eyes to a wider morrow,
Ways that are weary, days that are dreay,
Toil and pain by faith ye have borne.
Hail, hail, victors ye stand,
Wearing the wreath that the brave have worn!

Life, strife, these two are one!
Naught can ye win but by faith and daring;
On, on that ye have done,
But for the work of today preparing.
Firm in reliance, laugh a defiance
(Laugh in hope for sure is the end)
March, march, many as one,
Shoulder to shoulder and friend to friend!

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