Forces of Oppression

The Pop Group
Lingua: Inglese

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Dal terzo album del Pop Group, "For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?", del 1980.
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Il brano in questione รจ stato scritto dal Pop Group insieme ad Archie Poole del RAPP - Radical Alliance of Black Poets and Players.
Training for us, it's good training for us
against the forces of oppression.
Riots in the Grove, road blocks in Brixton,
vigilantes in St. Paul's, Handsworth and all.
And they come with lead in their batons, pretending,
defending the National Front.
With their symbol of hate right in our face.

Paramilitary exercises in the ghetto....
the rich get richer, and the poor will die.

TAPE: "...and I do know of people from the underground who constantly carried weapons, and I could not avoid the impression that to them, they were a boost to their masculinity. The weapons multiplied their virility...."

The armed wing is Column 88, Column 88, the return of the Panthers, Column 88...
It's good training for us against the forces of oppression.
Self-defence is no offence.

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