Had Any Lately

Mother of Three
Lingua: Inglese

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The soulful track "Lieutenant (Had Any Lately?)" (Stang Records # ST-5027), out of New Jersey, took an anti-war line and condemned Calley - one of the few to do so. Is this record performed by Sylvia Robinson? A year earlier she released the single Have You Had Any Lately (Stang # 5015) - the same melody and with almost identical lyrics, without the Calley references, written by Robinson. (1) Robinson did in fact have three children. (2) The song later appeared on the 1973 album Pillow Talk (Vibration Records # VI-126). Anyhow, the structure of the verses, formed by repeating questions ('how long' and 'how many') took a similarly effective approach to Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" - the narrator wanted to know "how many children did you kill" and "how much...of their blood did you spill". She declared that Calley's actions made him "inhuman" and "not fit for society".
How long has it been lieutenant since you made a friend
How long will it be lieutenant till they set you free
How long will it take lieutenant for the world to see
That you are inhuman, you are not fit for society
I want to know, have you had any lately?
I'm talking about peace, peace, peace
How many children did you kill lieutenant
How many gallons of their blood did you spill
How many mothers laid down in that lonely ditch
Now they call you a hero

inviata da dq82 - 26/3/2015 - 17:51

Lingua: Finlandese

Traduzione / Translation / Traduction / Suomennos: Juha Rämö

Kauanko siitä on, luutnantti, kun sinulla oli ystävä
Kauanko vielä on siihen, luutnantti, kun pääset vapaaksi
Kauanko vielä kestää, luutnantti, maailmalta nähdä
Että sinä olet kelvoton ihmiseksi ja yhteiskunnan jäseneksi
Haluan tietää, milloin viimeksi olet saanut
Tarkoitan rauhaa, rauhaa, rauhaa
Montako lasta olet tappanut, luutnantti
Montako sangollista vuodattanut heidän vertaan
Montako äitiä jättänyt jälkeesi yksinäiseen maantienojaan
Ja nyt sinua kutsutaan sankariksi

inviata da Juha Rämö - 26/5/2016 - 07:59

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