Lift Girl's Lament

Jeremy Taylor
Lingua: Inglese

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Parole e musica di Jeremy Taylor.
Un singolo pubblicato in Sudafrica nel 1962.
Un classico di Jeremy Taylor, presente in tutte le compilation successive, a partire da “Ag Pleez Deddy” (titolo del suo brano forse più famoso)


Ag Pleez Deddy

Il lamento dell’ascensorista sfruttata, malpagata e rovinata dal lavoro, lei che avrebbe voluto fare la hostess sugli aerei...

Going up!

First floor!
Knitwear nappery beachwear sportswear corsetry millinery ladies underwear - thank you!

We are the lift girls
in a big department store
we kindly take the patrons going up from floor to floor
don't wonder if we're weary of standing up all day
cos when the doors fly open it's our job to say

Second floor!
glassware ironware hardware brushware crockery cutlery
El Fandango Tea Room - thank you! Orange juice lemonade
arsenic rat poison thank you!
Going up!

We are the lift girls
we're careful how we dress
I like my job but I'd very much rather have been an air hostess
but as I was always airsick and I couldn't pass the test
I stand here pushing buttons and the lift does all the rest

Third floor!
cosmetics perfume and cologne belts buttons teen and twen-ty dresses - thank you!
"Excuse me, can I find glasses on this floor?"
glassware ironware hardware brush ware cookery cutlery El Fandango Tea Room - second floor!
"Oh, are you perhaps going down?"
Going up!

Ag si's tog, Marlene, what a helluva job this is
the boss won't even give us time to go and have a zizz
and while we're on the job we can't even have a smoke
ag, I'm so tired, man, I'd give anything for a Coke.

Fourth floor!
Kiddies wear juvenile children and sub-teens teens twen-teens middle age old age senility dotage and decomposition
Funeral shrouds
Going up!

Don't lean on the buttons please don't lean on the doors
the car's full up now you'll have to walk to the other floors
hey, take your hands off me who do you think you are?
I may do a thousand feet a day but I'm not gonna go that far

Fifth floor!
radio department electrical appliances hairdressing salon
Friendly Sewing School - thank you!
Going up!

Sixth floor! Offices and accounts! Offices and accounts sixth floor going up!
Going down!

If only I had minute or two to sit down on my seat
I'm gonna sue this company for giving me flat feet
I've got fallen arches and lumbago in my back
and I suppose it won't be long now before I get the sack
Now if the lift gets stuck for an hour or two you really can't blame me
if I don't appear to sympathise with your anxiety
'cos I've seen enough of these four walls to last for many a day
and when the clock says half past five I'm overjoyed to say...

Going home!

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