Disarm or Die

Political Asylum
Lingua: Inglese

Fresh Hate tape
Self 1983
Appare nella compilation ANTI-WAR - Anarcho-Punk Compilation Vol. 1 del 2005

politicalasylum fresh
Over the horizon, over the hill
Don’t know what it is but I know it kills
Over the horizon, over the hill
The missile is coming, it’s time to take your pill
Well I see it coming over the hill
Everything is silent, death is still
Praying to their god, hands in the air
But he’s not listening, he doesn’t care
While you slash our hospitals and our schools
You buy more of these obscene weapons
You take us all to be mindless fools
Taken in with your lies and rules
You think you’ll control us with the Russian threat
Buy the bombs, it’s a better bet
Until the Russians, they realize
You’re threatening them and then you’ll die
Disarm or die

2/2/2014 - 23:11

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