Sandbox Philosophy

Lingua: Inglese

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Sandbox Philosophy

Lyrics & Music by Michael Stützer and Søren Adamsen
Album: When Death Comes

Listen while you read!

Talking all your nonsense
A child so full of lies
Mindless dumb and stupid
Worthless alibis..

All this propaganda
All these wicked games
The patterns on your back
Say you're an ego maniac..

Self righteous little worm-man
Creating your own truth
Trying to be what you are not
A forgotten misspent youth

Starting up a fire
To provocate a war
Sitting in your sandbox
Acting like a whore..
Acting like a whore!

Don't tell me your sandbox child philosophy
Don't tell me You cannot be believed
Don't tell me your Sandbox child philosophy
Don't tell me… – Your lies will be your grave..

Terror and lies
You dare not to fight
This is an open invitation to war
Terror and lies
You dare not to fight
One of us is gonna die!
...and it won't be me..!

You're better left in silence
You're better left alone
No one wants to play with you
Come down from your throne..
Your words they have no meaning
Foolish empty whine
Hiding behind your computer
Another asshole standing in line,
Another asshole standing in line..

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