Olive Branch

Thursday's Child
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Chris Pyam and Ken Punshon
Album: Voyager [2012]


A symbol of peace for many, many years…
Atop the arid dusty slope
An olive tree serene
Stands soaking in the shimmering heat
just as it's always been
Searching for the sparse moisture
Deep within the soil
It sucks it up into the fruit
to give the gift of oil

And the olive branch
trembles in the wind..

Around about the armies fought
since dim and distant past
But still the tree so regal stood
its question quietly asked
Men came and went, they took its oil,
but still the olive toiled
Standing there and watching them,
fighting for the spoils..

And the olive branch
trembles in the wind..

Who knows, one day peace may reign within this troubled land
Let's all hope and pray some day it will
From the oil we'll make a balm to soothe these bloodied hands
Even though the branch will tremble still..

In modern times it carries on
as tides of fortune turn
Through many years, time and again,
we never seem to learn
The olive tree keeps swaying there
its counsel holding mute
Pouring oil on troubled waters
each and all dispute(s)

And the olive branch
trembles in the wind..

One day battles may be done
Wars come to end
But still the gift of olive oil
the peaceful tree will send
Until that day we can but pray
We all give peace a chance
To brothers and the fighting men
offer an olive branch

And the olive branch
trembles in the wind..

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