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Recorded 1/5/2011 Opening excerpt of Norwegian Wood written by Lennon/McCartney and played by Wade Farlowe

Before misinterpretation sets in, I thought it best that I clarify the intent of this song. It is simply a cautionary angle that we keep our eyes on the homefront, our government. Most civilizations have fallen from within and I'm certain others see this as well. Erosion of freedoms are set from within and failure to stay vigilant, ever watchful for all, becomes a failure for each of us at some point or another. When we become systematic to the point of dividing ourselves into groups of Americans seeking this or that, then we take something away. The good of all Americans as a whole should remain prevalent, but not at the expense of again excising ourselves into groups of this or that and certainly not to the point of removing freedom from all!~ It is a fine line, but there are those who may seek such avenues to erode our freedoms, sometimes unwittingly. Violence, however is not an answer.....being watchful, vocal, and mindful of considerations for all should be the glue that keeps us together as one nation, one people, and one for all!~ Peace & Love!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
Wade Farlowe
When the words, we speak
Take away our own voice
When decisions, we reach
Take away our own choice
When the laws, we plan
Take a left or right turn
When the laws of man
Takes, leaving someone burned

Have we really bought
What was once dreamed
Have we really thought
Imagine when it could be

When the spoken word
Takes away our own choice
When decisive terms heard
Takes away our own voice
When the plans, we lay
Take a right or left turn
When the man of laws
Takes, leaving someone spurned

Have we really thought
What it could be
Have we really brought
Imagination into the scheme

Before it's taken all away
Taken all away
I see you

inviata da Wade Farlowe - 26/8/2012 - 02:17

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