Live Like an Afghan

Fred (Iain Campbell) Smith
Lingua: Inglese

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Fred Smith - Dust of Uruzgan
Dust of Uruzgan (2010)
When I live, I want to live like an Afghan, live like an afghan lives
Walk tall as the rockets are falling around me, laugh as they barely miss
If you meet me in the streets of Kandahar then greet me with a bearded kiss
We shall live yes we shall live like the afghans, live like the afghans live

When I love I want to love like an afghan, love like the afghans do
Everybody needs someone to love and today I’m in love with you
Meet the boys on a Thursday evening but a man needs a wife or two
When I love I want to love like the Afghans love like the afghans do

When I dance I want to dance like an afghan, dance like the afghans dance
Never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, this could be our last chance
Shake your hips and swing my hands to heaven let your feet pound the dusty floor
Wake in the morning to tea and leaven bread get stuck back in to the war

When I fight I want to fight like an afghan, fight like the afghans fight
Kiss your cheek if we should meet in the market out in the broad daylight
Cut your throat under the cover of darkness with a courteous flick of the wrist
Manners matter when you fight like an Afghan, fight like the afghans live

When I die I want to die like an afghan die like an afghan dies
Hope there’ll be someone present who loves me to brush away all the flies
In the end you might go with a whimper or a bang like our dear Massoud
Either way I want to die like an afghan, die like an afghan would
Cause in the end you know these things happen and you’ll want get on with it
When I die I want to die like an afghan, die like an afghan live

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