September 29th
Lingua: Inglese

Lyrics & Music by Olgostin
Album: The Story of History

318px-Ich Bin Eine Terroristin

You can kill a man, but you can't kill an idea. But killing a man, you kill a man. And this is something horrible, which words cannot describe. No, words cannot describe...

On January 15, 1919 Rosa Luxemburg
and Karl Liebknecht were captured by the Freikorps Garde-Kavallerie-Schützendivision.
Rosa Luxemburg was rifle-butted, then shot in the head, and her body was thrown into Berlin's Landwehr Canal. Karl Liebknecht was shot in the Tiergarten and his "anonymous" body was brought to a mortuary.
The German revolution was in this way terminated..
More than four months after the murders, on 1 June 1919, Rosa Luxemburg's corpse was found and identified after an autopsy at the Berlin Charité hospital..
You were rifle-butted
Then shot in the head
But they didn't realise
Your blood was red..

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