Hateful Hate

10,000 Maniacs
Lingua: Inglese

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Album “Blind Man's Zoo”‎

 Hateful Hate

‎"That's one of the most powerful songs we've ever done, but the topic is just as grave. It's ‎about slaughter for money, for ivory, and the slaughter is as much the fault of people on Fifth ‎Avenue who buy the ivory as it is the hunters themselves." - Toronto Star, 1989

‎"Hateful Hate is about the situation in Africa and its historical context - what led up to what's ‎happening there today. There's this intolerance of the differences between races and cultures that the ‎colonial Europeans express towards Africans - that they were primitive and savage." - Spin, ‎‎1989‎
‎ (da un paio di interviste a Natalie Merchant)‎
In the dark night a giant slumbered
untouched for centuries
‎'til awakened by a white man's cry
‎"this is the Eden I was to find"

There were lands to be charted
and to be claimed for a crown
when a hero was made
by the length he could stay
in this dangerous land of hateful hate

Curiosity filled the heads of these
there was an upper room they had to see

Curiosity killed the best of these
for a hero's hometown welcoming

Still they moved on and on...

Who came building missions?
unswerving men of the cloth
who gave their lives in numbers untold
so that black sheep entered the fold

Captured like human livestock destined for slavery
naked, walked to the shore where great ships moored
for the hell bound journeys
bought and sold with a hateful hate

Curiosity filled the breasts of these
with some strange ecstasy

Curiosity killed the best of these
by robbing their lives of dignity

Still they moved on and on...

Calling men of adventure
for a jungle bush safari
come conquer the beast
his claws and teeth
see death in his eyes to know you're alive

European homesteads grew up in the colonies
with civilized plans for wild hinterlands
their guns and God willing
such a hateful hate

Curiosity spilled the blood of these
for their spotted skins and ivory

Curiosity filled the heads of these
madmen with the lies of destiny

Curiosity spilled the blood of these
then blotted their lives from history

Curiosity filled the heads of these
one man claimed all that he could see

Curiosity still entices these
madmen with a lusting and a greed

Their legacy, legacy, legacy…‎

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