No More War

Greeeen / グリーン
Lingua: Giapponese

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Greeeen silhouetteABDest
今日もテレビの中じゃ戦争 私腹を肥やす大人の理想郷
冷たい雨に打たれる子供が 今日もまた一人死んでいく状況
いつだってそう 僕だってそう また見て見ぬ振りする
混沌とした世界全て支配 抜けてみたい

誰が悪いの? ねえ、どうしてなの?
建前と金を大人は求め かけがえの無い者の命が消え
足早に流れてく時の中で 人の記憶も失われる流れ
同じ事を繰り返していく定め 強者と弱者の慈しみ消え

『明日』はきっと 皆笑えるかな?
小さな声がきっと 僕ら呼んでいるよ
確かな事は この地球(ほし)に生まれ

何故人は傷つけあうんだろう? 離れた街にまだあるくだらんWAR
荒れ果てた大地 無惨な過去 また繰り返し続けるただのアホ
幼い頃見たひめゆりの塔 それから得られたよ見えぬ希望
平和な日からは予期せぬ日と 突然出くわした老いてる人
たくさんの石を並べた道 ダチ達の名前刻んだ石
砕かれた大志 奪われた敗地(大地)
花ささげて そして歩きだし、、、

平和を知らない 子供がほらね

『明日』はきっと 皆笑えるかな?
小さな声がきっと 僕ら呼んでいるよ
確かな事は この地球(ほし)に生まれ

inviata da DoNQuijote82 - 2/2/2012 - 15:02

Lingua: Inglese

Versione inglese da youtube

On the TV today as well, the utopia of people taking advantage of others
Today again another child struck by rain will die.
it's always like that, I'm like that as well, again I pretend not to see it
I try to escape from having to control this chaotic world

Who's bad? Hey, why is it like this?
Why are young children dying?
Adults want status and money and the priceless lives of people keep vanishing
In the quick flow of time people's memories flow away as well
Strong people keep deciding on the same things and the affection of the weak disappears

Surely everyone will be laughing 'tomorrow'?
A small voice will surely be calling out to me
One thing that's sure is that you and me, born on this earth, are only from a different place

Why do people hurt? There's still war in far-off cities
On this ruined earth with its tragic past there's still just those idiots who keep doing the same things
The Himeyuri monument(*) I saw as a kid, that's where I found it, invisible hope
After days of peace there are unexpected days and people who've grown old, that I've happened to meet
Roads whith lots of stones lined up, stones with friends' names carved into them
Smashed ambitions, a defeated earth
I offer my flowers and start walking again...

You know, the children who don't know about peace
they watch us who are on the other side of peace and they laugh
would anything happen...
something stirred deep inside my heart

Surely everyone will be laughing 'tomorrow'?
A small voice will surely be calling out to me
One thing that's sure is that you and me, born on this earth, are only from a different place

inviata da DonQuijote82 - 2/2/2012 - 15:03

Attenzione, quello in ideogrammi giapponesi che avete messo come titolo non è mica il titolo.
Diceva, là dove l'avete preso, che la canzone era accompagnata dal testo !

2/2/2012 - 20:01

Studiatevi le lingue almeno quel tanto per capire quel che maneggiate e non rimediare cattive figure. Tutto il mondo vi legge !

2/2/2012 - 20:57

Caro anonimo, sai com'è qui non si tratta di inglese o di francese ma di giapponese quindi ci sta che uno non l'abbia studiato. Certo bastava andare su google translate per ottenere "With lyrics" quindi c'hai pure ragione.

Comunque se tu sai il giapponese, segnalaci il titolo vero e fai anche una traduzione in italiano così ci risparmi le brutte figure, grazie!

Tutto il mondo ci legge? beh magari :)

CCG/AWS Staff - 2/2/2012 - 22:45

L'anonimo ha ragione da vendere. E pure le "e" di "GreeeeN" sono 4 e non 5.

Alberto - 4/2/2012 - 10:03

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