Don't Think Twice

John Kasper
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by John Kasper

John Kasper
Don't think twice
about the life you lead
Must be nice,
that someone else will bleed
Fear is all around, terror's on the rise
The stars and stripes a waving fills our patriotic hearts -with pride
Don't think twice..

Don't think twice
about the wars we wage
Don't compromise,
no that's a big mistake
Freedom's on the march, God is on our side
Be sure to say a prayer for those courageous souls we've sacrificed
Don't think twice..

Don't think twice
about the lives we take
Wrong or right,
it's got to be our way
So that we may live, thousands have to die
Say the pledge and tell yourself that we were surely justified
Don't think twice..

Don't think twice,
it isn't up to you
Close your mind;
Pretend it's just not true
These colors never run; we're not afraid to fight
Especially if someone else is gonna have to pay the price
Don't think twice,
Don't think twice..

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