Dead Nation

Useless Eaters
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Keith Whalley
Album: Dead Nation
War's a-coming, cold killing machine
Got a one-way ticket in this capitalist dream
New world order, Apocalypse Now
Fear closing the mind of the subjugated sow.
Can't fight the oppressor they'll make you bleed.
The administration of Death's one sowing the seed

Neo-conservative, fascist regime behind the fa├žade of a free democracy
The coalition has been founded between the corporations of greed
Plans set in place, to ensure that this human race will suck seed

Dead Nation - Submissive
Dead Nation - Eliminate, Discriminate
Dead Nation - Annihilate, Violate
Dead Nation - Decimate, Molest

Rotting cores, almost dead inside from the things that we've done
Can barely breathe in this stench of apathy, we've succumbed
Enslaved and confined by our fear of reprisal
We did nothing, while they took our ability to fight!

Dead Nation - Dismissive
Dead Nation - Isolated and segregated
Dead Nation - Dehumanised and repressed
Dead Nation - Dominated and sterilised

Sickening whores, with swollen bellies
Herding our societies into the slave state
Take a place in line Here comes The Empire of MAGOG
Your minds are being raped! Your voices' silenced

Empty souls marching blindly to our death
With no more hope inside...

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