War Song

Lingua: Inglese

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Canzone popolare della guerra di secessione americana (sudista). La canzone parla espressamente di un disertore, così come evidenziato anche dalle keywords del Mudcat Café (il più importante sito al mondo sulla canzone popolare in lingua inglese).
Da J.Thomas, "Devil's Ditties"
Link Mudcat Café
Come all you jolly soldiers, I will sing to you a song,
I'll try to be brief, I'll not detain you long,
Concerning all my troubles and how they did advance
And how I got around them and what a narrow chance.

With a bottle of good whisky I put the guard to sleep;
Then down upon my knees so slyly I did creep,
And when I had gone around them and found I had got through
I set down upon a little rock and there put on my shoe.

The ferriage it was guarded and I had nary horse.
I cast my eyes around a little raft I spied;
I thought by good judgment I could get to the other side.
I jumped upon my little raft, so gently sailed across.

Not thanking them for ferriage nor eitherwise a horse
I struck out up old Lickin, I set my head for home,
To see my wife and children all that was my intent,
To see my wife and children that I had left at home.

When I come to find them I found them all asleep.
I told my wife I had been a prisoner and now on my retreat;
She gave to me my supper, a blanket in my hand,
Told me to leave this country and go to Dixie's land.

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 13/11/2005 - 12:18

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