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More than I
(Larry Edoff)

Testo e musica di Larry Edoff

A huge, brilliantly illuminated 28x67 foot billboard will openly display LOVE to approximately 1.5 million people per day in Times Square, New York, USA, for six weeks commencing May 1, 2003. This is not your typical, flashy advertisement; this is a message to the world, and it is the simple message of LOVE.

LOVE is the artwork of Rudi-Renoir Appodlt, digital artist and musician residing in Lucerne, Switzerland. The artist purchased billboard ad space himself, supported in part by private donations. WorldArt, the non-profit organization behind the scene, aims to create a global network to promote love through this project.

Music will also be used to broadcast the message of LOVE. New York area singer/songwriter, Larry Edoff, was chosen for this project. "When Rudi first talked with me about the LoveProject and asked me to write a song for it, I thought it was a beautiful idea that could really touch so many people," said Edoff.

LOVE is a springboard, inspiring others to use their creative talents. An organization based in Westchester County,, will work with educators in the New York public school system to create love project assignments for each grade level, offering the opportunity to submit artwork, poetry, song and other expressions of love to the website for public display.
Don't walk away from the love we all share
Love kisses the wind we breathe
You and I in the shape of love
Splash love
Don't keep it inside

There are colors still unknown
Paint this earth with love

The day has come for love to light the world
Through which we walk
What would we find if we'd all believe?
All thirst ends in our embrace

There are colors still unknown
Paint this earth with love
With love

There are colors still unknown
Paint this earth with love
With love

We've come so far
And now farther we must go.

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