Hold On

Nalini Lasiewicz
Langue: anglais

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Da: "The Balkan Peace Album"
Balkan Peace Album

The Balkan Peace Album
(p) 2000 Lasiewicz Foundation
Tel: (323) 668-1811

Written and performed by Nalini
© 1999 Nalini Lasiewicz
On a tightrope, looking down
You've lost touch with solid ground
You have to reach so deep inside,
To find the place where hope resides.

Hold on, hold on.
There's a hand there
you will find it.

Even though you feel your drifting
in darkness,
Over yonder, there's a light there.

My new friend felt so alone
His wife and child too far from home.
At first I called them 'refugees'
Until he told their names to me.

I heard stories from the war.
And peeked behind those broken doors.
We helped repair the battered frames,
our hearts will never be the same.

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