Remember My Forgotten Man

Dubin & Warren
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Lyrics by Al Dubin
Music by Harry Warren

Con "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime", uno dei brani più famosi sul periodo della Grande Depressione.
Con questa canzone si chiude il film "Gold Diggers of 1933" (La Danza delle Luci) di uno dei più grandi e coraggiosi registi americani degli anni '30 e '40, Mervyn Le Roy, l'autore - per chi non lo conoscesse - anche di "I'm a Fugitive from a Chain Gang" (Io sono un Evaso), pellicola del 1932 che contribuì in modo determinante all'eliminazione delle infami "squadre alla catena" nei penitenziari americani.
I don't know if he deserves a bit of sympathy,
Forget your sympathy, that's all right with me.
I was satisfied to drift along from day to day,
Till they came and took my man away.

Remember my forgotten man,
You put a rifle in his hand;
You sent him far away,
You shouted, "Hip, hooray!"
But look at him today!

Remember my forgotten man,
You had him cultivate the land;
He walked behind the plow,
The sweat fell from his brow,
But look at him right now!

And once, he used to love me,
I was happy then;
He used to take care of me,
Won't you bring him back again?
'Cause ever since the world began,
A woman's got to have a man;
Forgetting him, you see,
Means you're forgetting me
Like my forgotten man.

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vorrei la traduzione in italiano

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