The Tides Will Turn

Ryan Harvey
Language: English

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Album: Self-titled (2003)
I see hatred, violence, fear, and nothing short of war
A population wondering what their even living for
But I won't be unhappy once we're ripping down your door
As the despair fades
And hope begins to churn
Oh, The Tides
Oh, The Tides Will Turn

I have got a message for the so-president
This world is more powerful than anything you've said
It will still be living once you are gone and dead
And from your past mistakes
The next in line will learn
Oh, The Tides
Oh, The Tides Will Turn

And to all the bosses, who seek to earn more pay
Getting rich off others labor, tricking poor folk day to day
You'll learn how to adjust when the workers get their way
So one day you will see there's loss
For everything you earn
Oh, The Tides
Oh, The Tides Will Turn

18,000 children dying every single day
300 billion funding for a war for votes and pay
300,000 soldiers firing away
Maybe they will notice
When the banks begin to burn
Oh, The Tides
Oh, The Tides Will Turn

I hear so many voices saying "nows the time to act"
Justice, worldwide freedom, it's gonna come at last
Keep on moving forward, never moving back
And in the distance I can see
The goal for which they yearn
Oh, The Tides
Oh, The Tides Will Turn

I see a world of people who are sick of life like this
Full of determination with a raised up tight grip-fist
Who know the only answer is to rise up and resist
And in their burning hearts
You will hear these simple words
Oh, The Tides
Oh, The Tides Will Turn

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