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Killing Joke - Wardance (Live)

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Released in 1980 on the band's own Malicious Damage Label, the 'Wardance' 7" captures Killing Joke on the cusp of their earlier material (one 10" and one single) and the first LP.

The song "Wardance" was re-recorded for said S/T LP, but here we find it's original, less heavy and more punk state.

Il "fake-simile" della chiamata alle armi per i Killing Joke:


The atmosphere's strange
out on the town.
Music for pleasure-
it's not music no more.
Music to dance to-
music to move.
This is music to march to-
to war dance!

The war dance...
A war dance...

Look at graffiti-
scrawled on the wall.
You know the reason-
outside the door.
You have something-
nasty in your mind,
crawling to get out-
to war dance!

The war dance...
A war dance...

We walk 'round the pitch.
Honesty is sick.
Try to be honest-
look what you get.
The food runs short,
and then the money talks.
One way out-
your premonition is correct!

The war dance...
A war dance...

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