Death Is a Job

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Sarajevo Blues
I'm running across an intersection to avoid the bullet of a sniper from the hill when I walk straight into some photographers:
They're doing their job, in deep cover
If a bullet hit me they'd get a shot worth so much more than my life that I'm not even sure whom to hate:
The Chetnik sniper or these monkeys with Nikons
For the Chetniks I'm just a simple target but those othersconfirm my utter helplessness and even want to take advantage of it
In Sarajevo, death is a job for all of them
Life has been narrowed down completely, reduced to gestures...a man covering his head with a newspaper as he runs across the same street, scared of a sniper's bullet

Contributed by Dq82 - 2022/6/28 - 11:31

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