Army Man in Vietnam

Big Joe Williams
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Big Joe Williams (1903-1982), delta blues guitar player, born Joseph Lee Williams, in Crawford Mississippi, used a nine-string acoustic guitar, giving his delta style an interesting, unique sound. In the track "Army Man in Vietnam" (Arhoolie Records # 1053) he expressed a desire to "stop the war in Vietnam" because he feared that the government might "drop that atom bomb", a reflection of Cold War tensions. The song also showed concern for young men, at the age of eighteen, drafted into the army and given a gun. Note the minor reference to Christmas: "some will be home for Christmas, some will hurt real bad". Chris Strachwitz (founder of Arhoolie) recorded the song on 14 December 1969 at Arhoolie House in Berkeley, California. It featured Charlie Musselwhite on harmonica.
Vietnam War Songs Project
Well I heard a voice one morning
I'd never heard before
Uncle Sam called me boy
Said boy get ready to go the army man...

When your son is 18 years old
Put a gun in his hand...

I got six boys
And two of then on the front line
in the army

If we don't stop the war in Vietnam
I believe we'll drop that old atom bomb
Everybody will be on the street crying...

Some will be weeping,
some will be mourning
Some won't be home for Christmas
Some will hurt real bad

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