Ramy Essam / رامي عصام
Language: Arabic

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سجن بالألوان
(Ramy Essam / رامي عصام)
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(Ramy Essam / رامي عصام)


ahmed harara

Ahmed Harara (1980) è un attivista egiziano che ha perso entrambi gli occhi durante la Rivoluzione Egiziana del 2011. Ferito una prima volta, è tornato in prima linea sulle barricate, perdendo anche il secondo occhio.

Il soprannome Harara (Calore) gli è stato dato per il coraggio dimostrato durante gli scontri, quando era sempre in prima linea a incoraggiare i compagni.

ليه الحقيقه اللى فى عنيا ضايقتك
ماكانش فيهم الا صورتك بالسلاح
جدع يا باشا كيرت صوره حضرتك
بس الحقيقه عاشت اكتر فى الجراح

شايف نفسك فى عنيا جبان
قاتل سليم لاكن اعمى
انا شلت الجرح فى عينى نيشان
و بذاكر صورتك فى الضلمه

الشمس دى ابرد من قلبى
قلبى ماهوش عايز نضاره
دلوقتى بشوف بعيون غضبى
واقف فى الصف مع حراره

2020/5/2 - 19:06

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Traduzione inglese da Youtube

Vignetta di Latuff
Vignetta di Latuff

Why did the truth in my eyes offend you?
They only bore an image of you and your gun
Good job, pasha, thanks for breaking them
But in those wounds, the truth will last

In my eyes, you see how cowardly you are
A true killer but a blind one
I keep that wound in my eyes as a medal
Memorizing your image in the darkness

My heart burns hotter than the sun
And it won’t wear shades
Now, I see with eyes of rage
Standing in the frontline with Harara

2020/5/2 - 19:06

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