Bill Whelan & Tsidii Le Loka
Language: Zulu

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Bawo, kudala si gcel 'inkululeko
Si nje nge Limpopo

Lizo qala nin 'ithemba lethu?
Limpopo umfula wetu

Bawo, siphi isithembiso?
Re tshwana le Limpopo

Zizo fika nini zonke?
Limpopo molapo wa rona

Amanzi a ya phezulu ezibhakabhakeni
Njalo nathi si khishwa e makhayeni

Si wela njeng 'imvula e mhlabeni
Si hlakazwe e moyen
Si hlakazwe e moyen

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/5/31 - 12:05

Language: English

English translation from Celtic Lyrics Corner (Bill Whelan is an Irishman...)

Bill Whelan.
Bill Whelan.
Tsidii Le Loka.
Tsidii Le Loka.


Lord, we ask for peace
We are like the Limpopo

When will our hope begin?
Limpopo, our river

Lord, where is the promise?
We are like the Limpopo

When will they all come?
Limpopo, our beloved river

Water rises to the sky
In the same way we are taken from our homelands

Like rain, we fall on strange land
We are scattered with the wind
We are scattered with the wind

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2007/5/31 - 12:07

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