La tregua (The Truce)

Klimt 1918
Language: Italian

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(Klimt 1918)
Dopoguerra (Postwar)
(Klimt 1918)


Da/From: "Dopoguerra"

Testi e musica di Marco Soellner
Lyrics and music by Marco Soellner

Klimt 1918

Un commento alla canzone dal sito ufficiale:

"E' la continuazione di Dopoguerra. Le due canzoni sono praticamente attaccate. E' una canzone meno positiva, più nostalgica che ritrae il lato meno bello della convalescenza. Il finale in crescendo erutta in una cavalcata finale dai sapori post rock.

The continuance to Postwar. In fact, they are connected. It is less positive, much more nostalgic then the previous and portraits the most unpleasant aspects of convalescence. The crescendo of the ending erupts in a post rock tasted cavalcade.

(Marco Soellner)"
And I try, and I try, and I try
to forget dead friends
just a goodbye
Should I stay, should I pay
Can’t go back
I know life goes on, it’s too late
I’m holding on, the smell of need
I’m carring on, down on my knees, yes I try
to come with you
The long lost friend, endtime
they sleep in mud
Who’s got the right to survive?
I’m holding on...

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