No Killing

Violent Femmes
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 Violent Femmes

dall'album The Blind Leading the Naked
I don't wanna see my brother die
We don't want no killing Lord
I don't wanna to see my sister cry
I don't wanna see
I don't wanna see I I I I I

I know that bad things are going down
I, I know that loneliness is all around
I know that the world is starved for love
Y'know that there's good
And there's evil
And there's evil
Disguised as good
They're knocking at my door
They're knocking at my door
Don't let them in
Don't let them in
I think it's the Milwaukee Police
I think it's the police
I think it's the polizei
I think it's the polizei I I I

Everyday everyday everyday everyday
I need your love love
And it's a bad bad score
And I need you all the more
I need your love

2019/10/11 - 23:32

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