CeCe Rogers
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Scritta da Marshal Jefferson e cantata da CeCe Rogers, la canzone è uno dei primi esempi di house music, con il suo martellante ritmo in 4/4. Tuttavia a differenza di tanti pezzi house è caratterizzata dalla bella voce soul di CeCe Rogers e da un testo impegnato.
Someday, we'll all be free

The world is cold and times are bad
Everytime I think about it, it makes me sad
War and drugs are everywhere
And it’s getting so hard to breathe the air
But it doesn’t have to be like this
All the rancour and bitterness
If we can just open our eyes
We can make the world a paradise someday

We’ll live as one family in perfect harmony someday
When we all pull together we will all be free someday

Free from the pressure and the prejudice
We can change it all with tenderness
There’ll be no void between black and white
We’ll be able to walk the streets at night
I won’t be fooled while someone dies of starvation
The whole world will be my nation
We will walk hand in hand
I’ll go to South Africa and be called a man someday

We’ll live as one family in sweet harmony someday
If we all pull together we will all be free

Mmmm, someday
We’ll live as one family

2019/8/25 - 00:15

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