John Hill

The Young 'uns
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John Hill married Sean's Great Grandmother Mary Jane in Sunderland in 1913. He died a year later with thousands of others in the opening months of the Great War and is buried in the little French town of Bailleul. Mary Jane eventually remarried and gave birth to another 11 children one of whom is Sean's Nana.
John Hill lies in Bailleul as I lie in bed
One hundred years silent, one hundred years dead
His blood was not my blood but for me it shed
John Hill lies in Bailleul and I live now instead

Mary Jane trembled as she opened the door
The telegram fluttered and fell to the floor
Upstairs baby Doll lay asleep in her bed
But in the cold mud of Flanders her father was lying dead

John Hill lies in Bailleul as I rise from sleep
His dreams are now my dreams to live and to keep
And when my day darkens before the sunset
I'll sing from the hilltop
never forget”

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