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Gdeim Izik
(Aziza Brahim / عزيزة براهيم)
Ya watani (يا وطني)
(Aziza Brahim / عزيزة براهيم)
Red Alerta

Album: Soutak

Aziza Brahim.
Aziza Brahim.

The song “Julud,” dedicated to Aziza’s mother, is possibly the most emblematic song on the album combining intimate and stark desert poetry with an unyielding faith in the Saharawi political struggle.
انت مجد حياتي و صمود
انت فخر اکلامي في کل حدود
خلود صمود خلود
انت مثل اليل و النجوم
صوتک أعلي من صطح القيوم
انت بسة النسيم اليوم
و انت ثورة امة الأجود
خلود صمود خلود

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Language: English

Testo in inglese dal libretto dell'album

You are the glory and the foundation of my life
You are the pride of my words beyond all borders
Eternity, resistance, eternity

You are like the night and the stars
Your voice goes beyond the surface of the clouds
You are a smile of the breeze of today
And you are the revolution of the most excellent nation
Eternity, resistance, for eternity

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