Ya watani (يا وطني)

Aziza Brahim / عزيزة براهيم
Language: Berber (Other) (Hassanya)

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Album: Soutak

Aziza Brahim.
Aziza Brahim.

Nata in Algeria in un campo profughi Saharawi, presto orfana di padre, rimasto in Marocco, educata a Cuba e poi tornata nel campo profughi. Canta un po' in spagnolo un po' nella sua lingua natia, vale a dire il dialetto berbero hassanya, parlato dai Saharawi.
يا عيش يا حرية يا کرامة
ذي عيون برينة ترعو إلي السماء
تتمنی ان تصل لأفقي البحار
کل دموع الفرحة و الفجاء
و طبیعة الطلح تتراقصو خضرإ
اتمنی ان اعیش و ان يرافقني الهناء

يا وطني الغالي
يرمزي يا عيش
ذي أرض اجدادي
ما عيني في الطيش
ذا حلم احفادي
ما عيني في الطيش


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For life, liberty and dignity
look at those innocent eyes watching the sky
wishing to reach the ocean's horizon,
all the tears of joy and emotion
the nature with the green acacia trees dancing.
I wish to live, with tranquility by my side.
I want to live and dance with tranquility.

My beloved land,
my symbol and sustenance.
Land of my ancestors.
I reject this injustice.
The dream of my descendants.
I reject this injustice.

Contributed by Dq82 - 2018/7/16 - 17:10

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