Underneath the Spanish Stars

Edith Segal
Language: English

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Parole e musica di Edith Segal (1902-1997), danzatrice, coreografa, cantautrice e poeta ebrea americana
Interpretata da Helene Williams, voce, e Leonard J. Lehrman, pianoforte, nel loro disco “Songs Of Conscience” (1990), interamente dedicato all’opera della Segal.
Testo trovato su Mudcat Café

Oh I dreamed of Spanish gardens, señoritas and guitars,
Spanish moonlight, lovers dancing underneath the Spanish stars.
And I fancied I would go there, quite romantic was I then
to dance and click the castanets, Lo recuerdo muy bien.

Oh I never stopped to think at all that there might come a war,
stain my pretty Spanish shawl and break my sweet guitar.
And now I think it's time ot waken, end my dreaming of romance,
and join the anti-fascists to halt Franco's advance.

And when that's done we'll dance again and we'll sing and strum guitars,
and live again and love again underneath the Spanish stars.

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