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War on Women
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Album: War On Women


Se sono stata stuprata vuoi sapere dove stavo passeggiando? come ero vestita? se avevo bevuto?

Efficace canzone sul colpevolizzare la donna vittima di violenza. E se per caso il presunto violentatore è un carabiniere, sono le presunte vittime a essere interrogate per dodici ore!
Daddy, Daddy if I was raped would you wanna know where I walked?
Would you wanna know what I wore?
Would you wanna know who he was?
What if I was 30 or 12? What if I had one drink?
If the victim is your daughter, does that complicate the blaming?
We will no longer be silent! Speak up, let your voice be heard
Dissenters drown in a sea of truth and our healing will cover the Earth
Say it! Say it! I was raped

2017/11/26 - 00:30

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