Vargas Blues Band
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Parole e musica di Javier Vargas, chitarrista blues spagnolo ma di rilievo internazionale.
Un singolo poi incluso nell’album del 1997 intitolato “Gipsy Boogie”

Gipsy Boogie
Picture the other side
Make my break across the border
Late at night
A promise of new life
No one will know me
One more nameless face
Another refugee
From hunger's destiny
Do you know why I'm going there?
Why I'll cross illegally?

Somebody tell me
Why I walk with danger
On these foreign streets
Afraid of the police
Work hard for small pay
Live among the squalor
And the hidden pain
Of indifference and hate
Do you know why I came here?
Why I crossed illegally?
Tell me why must I live in fear?
Why I'll die illegally?

Contributed by Bernart Bartleby - 2017/11/16 - 10:57

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