Flight of the Earls

Wolfe Tones
Language: English

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Credo che testo e musica siano di Liam Reilly, musicista associato al gruppo irlandese Bagatelle e attivo solo fino ai primi anni 90.
I Wolfe Tones l’hanno interpretata nel loro album “Sing Out For Ireland” del 1987

Sing Out For Ireland

Con lo stesso titolo esistono altre canzoni, come quella di Phil Coulter, che probabilmente si riferiscono allo specifico episodio della Flight of the Earls (Imeacht na nIarlaí), quando il 4 settembre del 1607 alcuni nobili gaelici irlandesi, che avevano perduto la guerra dei 9 anni (1594-1603) contro gli inglesi, fuggirono precipitosamente dalle loro contee del nord, divenendo esuli in Roma (accolti dal Papa) e senza far mai più ritorno in patria.

Qui invece a quell’episodio storico ci si riferisce per raccontare dell’emigrazione irlandese nel mondo.
I can hear the bells of Dublin
In this lonely waiting room
And the paperboys are singin'
In the rain
Not too long be fore they take us
To the airport and the noise
To get on board
A transat-lantic plane
We've got nothin' left to stay for,
We had no more left to say
And there isn't any work for us to do
So fare well ye boys and girls,
Another bloody Flight of Earls
Our best asset is our best export, too

It's not murder, fear or famine
That makes us leave this time
We're not going to join
McAlpine's Fusileers
We've got brains, and we've got visions, we've got education, too!
But we just can't throw away
These precious years
So we walk the streets of London,
And the streets of Baltimore
And we meet at night
In several Boston bars
We're the leaders of the future
But we're far away from home
And we dream of you
Beneath the Irish stars

As we look on Ellis Island,
And the Lady in the bay
And Manhattan turns to face
Another Sunday
We just wonder what you're doing
To bring us all back home
As we look forward to another Monday
Because it's not the work
That scares us
We don't mind an honest job
And we know things will get better
Once again
So a thousand times adieu,
We've got Bono and U2
All we're missin'
Is the Guinness, and the rain

So switch off your new computers
'Cause the writing's on the wall
We're leaving as our fathers did before
Take a look at Dublin airport, or the boat that leaves North Wall
There'll be no Youth Unemployment
Any more
Because we're over here in Queensland,
And in parts of New South Wales
We're on the seas and airways
And the trains
But if we see better days,
Those big airplanes go both ways
And we'll all be comin' back to you again!

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