Make Music Not War
Language: English


Lyrics written by: Mira Eilabouni
Music and arrangement by: all participants on the project
Sound engineer: Modern Music School Bremen
Music producer: Aleksandar Mitevski

Make Music Not War

Musicians and contributors
Amna, Tarik, Snjeza, Melissa, Anda, Anastasia, Martha, Rea, Josip, Ivan, Sinisha. Panagiotis, Florent, Valentina, Petar, Rami, Visar, Granit, Yarden, Forat, Amany, Afnan, Jana, Youssef, Svenja, Juraj, Hrvoje, Marko, Kostas, Dunja, Ariel, Milutin, Milos, Mira, Sophia, Rene, Hysein, Lisa, Brane, Marianna, Gerlinda, Slobodan, Nenad.

Video director: Andrei Matalyha
Camera: Andrei Matalyha and Stefan Lakic
Video editor: Kristaps Prūsis

Executive producer and project manager: Darko Mitevski

UNITY is a peace song that was created during the project
I believe

In the man and every woman
In the woman inside each man
I believe
In the soul within the animals
In the animal in everyone
I believe in unity, community build a better society

I believe in rivers which dry and flow
In plants that grow out of stones
The birds who have seen the world
Know that nobody wants to be alone

I believe in humanity, insanity letting go of our vanity

Who am I to tell you what I'm telling you
each has got this gift, to this world
to unwrap and discover, unfold and love her
and you will find secrets never told to

I believe

Contributed by Visar Haxhifazliu - 2017/11/8 - 08:20

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