Hiroshima & Nagasaki (Is This Mankind?)

Flashback Of Anger
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Music & Lyrics: Alessio Gori
Album: "Terminate and Stay Resident"
Terminate and Stay Resident

Canzone che narra, con un ipotetico punto di vista in prima persona, parte della cronistoria dello sgancio delle due bombe su Hiroshima e Nagasaki.
Watching the sky
I saw a sparkling metal vulture coming to bring us death
Sorrow and pain
I can’t explain what I felt

Staring in agony
I tried to find the answers to that cruel tragedy
No way to escape
It still burns in me

A light, then fire and a smashing roar
Suddenly all I could see was a plain of destruction, dust and fear
Once I saw the children play
Now they are only ashes, shadows in that merciless wind

6th of August 1945 ready to take off from Tinian
The Great Artiste, Necessary Evil and keeper of Little Boy
The Enola Gay was its name

Hey Colonel Tibbets, your mom would’ve been proud to see
Her name put into history
Surely you didn’t know that you were changing
The course of that evil conflict

The T-Bridge was near, so the target reached
Hiroshima took it easy because no one thought
That just one aircraft could destroy everything

It was 8:15 when Little Boy was dropped
Then they just had to wait
Less than one minute
And 80 thousands were killed in a blink of an eye

Casting shadows across this noble land,
Is this our hopeless last stand?
Losing faith in this mankind
I wish I had never seen that we’ve lost our mind

Black rain fell on my head
And it burned instead.
We were all going insane,
All we could feel was pain.

Future seemed far away
In that damned doomsday
But it was not the end
‘cause they came again
Once again!

Once reached Kokura
There were too many clouds and Bockscar couldn’t see the ground
So they headed for Nagasaki
This second target was found

A brick in the sky
And Captain Beahan decided to release Fat Man
Another blink of an eye
And 40 thousands died!

Casting shadows across this noble land
is this our hopeless last stand?
Losing faith in this mankind
I wish I had never seen that we’ve lost our mind

War is always a failure of the man
There’s no one else to blame
We must do all that we can
So that we never forget this shame

Contributed by Alex - 2015/8/6 - 11:52

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