Will There Ever Be a Time?

Captain Foam
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The song "Will There Ever Be a Time?" (Bold Records # 377 / 358), probably released around 1969-1971 by Captain Foam, an obscure psychedelic folk group, based in Ohio, took a general anti-war position, while referencing the My Lai massacre. Written and sung by Richard Bertram, produced by Nick Boldi, and engineered by Gary Rhamy, the song was recorded in Peppermint Productions Studios, in Youngstown, Ohio. (1) Firstly, it expressed opposition to war, counting the dead, and questioning why they had to "see them fall". The narrator accused presidents of "trying to play god". He then called for the "money that they spend to build the guns and bombs", to be redirected towards clearing the "world of hunger", which would contribute towards "peace and equality". Then onto the subject of Calley and the massacre, the narrator argued that the "guns of...My Lai" represented a "curse upon the world". Note the reference to the "end of the world" - the type of language found in Barry McGuire's Eve of Destruction, and typical of songs about the Cold War and fears of nuclear annihilation.
Will there ever be a time, a time so real...
Is to two, is it four, is it six or is it eight
Is it all of the little children standing inside the gate
Count then five, count them ten
Count them twenty, count them all
How many times do I have to see them fall
Is it true what I hear, is it true what they say
The end of the world is getting nearer everyday
Let's not search for the reason that's spinning in my head
Let's not search for the answer that I suppress...
The sound of the guns of the My Lai massacre
Are ringing in my ears that there's a curse upon the world...
Presidents and kings are trying to play god...
The money that they spend to build the guns and bombs
Will clear the world of hunger and take mankind along
Long way towards peace and equality

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