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Parole e musica di Théo Hakola
Album: "What Fresh Hell Is This?" (1991)

Julie Christensen - other voice

What Fresh Hell Is This?
Burn the flag for your mother, hot dogs and milk shakes
for Tom Paine and John Coltrane, burn the flag for goodness sakes
Burn the flag for Chicago and another lost Cubs race
for Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg and a painting called Mark Grace

Burn the flag for appaloosas, Chief Joseph and Crazy Horse
Burn the flag for Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Samuel Morse
For the Abraham Lincoln Battalion in Spain
Burn the flag for Kirk Gibson and that blow that won that game

Burn the flag for the Rockies and what's left of Mt. St. Helens
Burn the flag for Arnold Miller, Ramsey Clark and Ron Dellums
For John Brown's swinging body and the abolitionists
For every time Nolan Ryan pitches nine without hits

Burn the flag for every victim of an un-American black list
for every time tyranny attacks and Americans resist
Burn the flag for Margaret Sanger, Toni Morrison and Bessie Smith
Burn the flag for History against a slag heap of myth

Burn the flag till the flames infect everything in sight
for Henry James and Jesse while you still have the right
Burn the flag for Frederick Douglass, Malcolm X and Mae West
Burn the flag now before they outlaw courage and sex

Burn the flag for Phil Ochs, Joe Hill and Eugene Debs
for every decent, angry citizen ever followed by the Feds
Burn the flag for Jackson Pollock and Thomas Hart Benton
Burn the flag baby burn before the clowns are sent in

Burn the flag for all we have been and for all we should be
Burn the flag American, for your home and family
Burn the flag for all we have been and for all we should be
Burn the flag American, with a rage for liberty

Burn it for the right to a union and the right to health care
For the right to an education and social welfare
Burn the flag till the glare hits hearts and minds everywhere
from Cape Town to Kamchatka and Helsinki to Buenos Aires

Burn the flag; show the might of a million points of light
Burn it for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
Burn it for the Minutemen and for freedom's latest fight
with the born-again, brown shirt, raptured, lunatic blight

Burn the flag for the right to work and the right to organize
for the right to a home, for I.F. Stone's attack on lies
for the right to breathe other than the black flack in our skies
Burn the flag for the buffalo; oh let those sane flames rise

Burn the flag for life and love and a woman's right to choose
for Rosa Parks and Mother Jones and the right to refuse
For Carson McCullers at twenty-three, walking in your shoes
like Lady Day and the way she got inside American blues

So burn the flag for Nathan Hale, Harvey Milk and Vanzetti
Gilda Radner, Lenny Bruce, Thoreau and Ferlinghetti
For a Williams called Ted and another known as Tennessee
For a Dylan from Duluth and a bourbon from Kentucky

For Steinbeck's California and for Faulkner's Mississippi
Patsy Cline, Patti Smith and desire from New Jersey
For Cesar Chavez in a valley and John Paul Jones at sea
Burn the flag while you brag of purple mountain majesty

Burn the flag for the Yanks still lying in Normandy
Burn the flag for our tanks knifing Nazi Germany
For HOLD THE LINE, "Summer Time" and DON'T TREAD ON ME
Roast the bums that sanction slums while talking democracy

Burn the flag for all we have been and for all we should be
Burn the flag American, for your home and family
Burn the flag for all we have been and for all we should be
Burn the flag burn the flag American, with a rage for liberty

Oh America, America, land of the free
Where it is written: This land was made for you and me
Where all men were created equal, from sea to oily sea, but
some are more equal than others, ill-gotten wealth is the key

So burn the flag till we've smoked out all the pigs from the sty
and we're cleansed of all the shame and the stain and the lie
Let the fire burn hard; let the flames rise high
Goddamnit! This land was made for you and I

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