Don't Burn It

The Barons
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Brano del 1966. Credo proprio si riferisca alla "draft card", la chiamata militare che i pacifisti bruciavano pubblicamente negli anni della guerra in Vietnam...

Pacifisti bruciano la cartolina militare. Foto di Ilka Hartmann, dal suo sito
Pacifisti bruciano la cartolina militare. Foto di Ilka Hartmann, dal suo sito

Il testo l'ho trovato alla pagina "Top 100 Songs About The Viet Nam War", con il seguente commento: "rare example of protest song not sucking"
you sit there a-contemplatin'
worrying 'bout my generation
trying to keep us from occupation,
save us from annihilation -
leave us alone, it's not your worry,
you're living our lives in too big a hurry
well, people take us for nothin' but fools -
we either fight or go to school -
i go to school and i still can't learn
and i get a little card that says 'don't burn',
go to the draft board one fine day
the sergeant says: 'boy, you're 1-A'

so here i stand with mud in my eyes,
bullets flyin' around like flies,
why i'm here i can't realise!
then i get another suprise -
my folks wouldn't even let me smoke, yeah-heh -
now they send me cigarettes!


so you sit there a-contemplating
worry about my generation.
tell your boy to go to school
so he won't wind up in being a fool,
study hard and really learn,
so he won't get a card that says 'don't burn'

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