Arohaina mai

Tuini Ngawai
Language: Maori

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Hitara waha huka
(Tuini Ngawai)
E tu
(Dean Hapeta)

Written by Tuini Ngawai
Scritta da Tuini Ngawai

Tuini Moetu Haangu Ngawai.
Tuini Moetu Haangu Ngawai.

"This is regarded as Tuini Ngawai's greatest composition. She wrote it when the men of C Company, 28th (Maori) Battalion were departing from the East Coast for the battlefields of World War II."

"Tuini Ngawai regarded Arohaina Mai as her best composition although she is reputed to have written the words in a few minutes. She wrote it in 1940 following a church service for the men of C Company (Ngati Porou) of the Maori Battalion, and it was first sung publicly at a farewell for them at Tokomaru Bay. It was performed there by her own group, the well-known Te Hokowhitu-a-Tu Concert Party.

It was regarded by many as her masterpiece and an outstanding classic of Maori songwriting; it caused Sir Apirana Ngata to hail Tuini as a composer of genius. The song became the Maori Battalion's unofficial hymn.

Tuini developed the tune from a 1938 George Gershwin piano tune, Love Walked In, which you might be able to find on the internet.

Love walked right in and drove the shadows away
Love walked right in and brought my sunniest day
One magic moment and my heart seemed to know
That love said "Hello" though not a word was spoken.

New Zealand Folk Song
Arohaina mai
E te Kingi nui
Manaakitia rā
O tamariki e
Horahia mai rā
Te marie nui ki te
Hokowhitu a Tū toa

Ngā mamaetanga
Me ngā pouri nui
Pēhia rawatia
Ki raro rā e.
Mē anga atu
Ka karanga ki te Matua
Aue aroha mai

Ngā hapū katoa
O Aotearoa e
Tau awhitia rā
Ko tōku rongo
Kia mau te tihe
Mauria ora
A ngā tūpuna
Hei tohu wehi e

Contributed by Riccardo Venturi - 2014/7/31 - 11:50

Language: English

English translation by Toby Rikihana

"Our thanks again to to Toby Rikihana of Christchurch for his scholarly translation." - NZ Folk Song

Show compassion
O great King
bestow blessings
on your children.
Spread your blessings
of peace and comfort to the
brave band of Tu.

The pains
and great sorrows,
let them be suppressed
Lift upwards
your voices to the Father
Aue, show compassion

To all families,
of New Zealand.
firmly embrace
Retain the spirit
of life
of your ancestors
an emblem of courage.

2014/7/31 - 11:57

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