Xmas Day Revisited

Tuesdays robot
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hopped in my canon, just to go for a ride
pointed it up to heaven, but i couldn't get there
no matter how many times i tried
right around try 23 i tought how much easier'd be if i had some kind of diety helping me out
so i went down to church, to get god in my corner
at first i thought everybody'd be sittin in pews
but everyone was up in the air flyin
weavin in and out of eachother with there eyes closed
it was deathdefying
on the outside everbody was looking pretty shinny, nice capes
but on the inside i could tell everyone was just trying to remember how to weep
but nobody could squeeze a drop


everyone's a running away from Xmas day
takin off west away from the dawn
and its snowing in heaven
and down here everybody's just trying to keep warm

I see ya riding around in your bible-car babe
the ways that ya steer it
but ya gotta be careful drivin round in your bible car
somebody might atually hear it
sounds like BRRRAWWWlove yer enemy and FRRROOOturn yer cheak
and NNRRRAWW stop dropin bombs on people for pete's sake
some of these people'll teach ya about lovin
some teach ya hate
but whatever you learn in your life babe,
don't confuse god, with fate
and what they mean by that is don't confuse the cards you're dealt
with the apples that you ate
it ain't about the apples anymore
so don't let'em scare ya.


I look at this country, and it moves me to tears
to many kids in the hallways, havin to live beyond their years
seems as though all we teach'em to be afraid of the reasons for war
but we don't teach'em to be afraid of war itself, and thats dangerous
still i pray for the soldiers, cause they're the ones that die
but you know i pray for them terrorists too, well at least i try
and i pray for all the people in the world still stuck on the justice
of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, soul for a soul


well he came out to his mother on Xmas eve, against his better judgment
and she thought it was her fault in some way, she thought it might be god's punishment
and on Xmas day, her son was still gay and all she could say to him was
"son, can't you just change for your mama" thats a true story.
and it makes me think.....


a dog'll bark at you, its in its nature, and a kitten purrs
i haven't lost my faith, not yet, i just ain't subscribin to yers,
every fish has different scales, every bird different wings, every mammals got different furs
cant' you see that its beautiful, can't you see that its right
still sometimes i think it might be easier if everyone's god had the same name
there'd be a little less killing with less people to blame
but isn't that what we were supposed to figure out anyway after jesus came

Contributed by rick widen - 2006/9/20 - 08:21

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