The Return

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson
Language: English

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Versi di Wilfrid Wilson Gibson (1878-1962), nella raccolta “Battle” pubblicata nel 1915.
Musica di Vartan Aghababian (compositore, docente di teoria musicale al Boston University College of Fine Arts) e Ann Moss, soprano, dall’opera “Seven Songs” del 2003.

“Sorridevo al mio ragazzo, mio figlio che partiva per la guerra. Gli sorridevo solo per celare il mio terrore più grande: che, se non fosse morto, la guerra mi avrebbe restituito un estraneo.”
He went, and he was gay to go:
And I smiled on him as he went.
My boy! 'Twas well he couldn't know
My darkest dread, or what it meant --

Just what it meant to smile and smile
And let my son go cheerily --
My son . . . and wondering all the while
What stranger would come back to me.

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