True Blues

The Last Poets
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Scritta da Jalal Mansur Nuriddin aka Alafia Pudim
Interpretata dai Last Poets (Alafia Pudim, Omar Ben Hassen e Nilaja, quest’ultimo alle percussioni)
Nel secondo disco degli Ultimi Poeti, intitolato “This Is Madness”

This Is Madness

La storia del Blues dall’epoca schiavista fino ai giorni nostri...
Il termine “Blues” pare derivare dal fatto che blu indaco era il colore delle vesti funebri in molti paesi africani, e l’Indigofera tinctoria - la pianta da cui si estrae quel colorante naturale - cresceva abbondante in molte piantagioni del Sud degli USA dove erano costretti gli schiavi neri trasportati dall’Africa... Ma c’è anche un’espressione americana, “blue devils”, che significa essere in uno stato di tristezza, melanconia... In ogni caso “blues” è sinonimo di sofferenza e pena.
True blues aint no new news about who's been abused
For the blues is as old as my stolen soul
I sang the blues when the missionaries came
Passing out bibles in Jesus' name
I sang the blues in the hull of the ship
Beneath the sting of the slavemaster's whip
I sang the blues when the ship anchored the dark
My family being sold on a slave block
I sang the blues being torn from my first born
And hung my head and cried when my wife took his life
And then committed suicide.
I sang the blues on the slavemaster's plantation helping
Him build his free nation
I sang the blues in the cottonfield, hustlin' to make the daily yield
I sang the blues when he forced my woman to beg
Lord knows how i wish he was dead
I sang the blues on the run, ducking the dogs and dodging the gun
I sang the blues hanging from the tree in a desperate attempt to break free
I sang the blues when the sun went down, cursing the master when he wasn't around
I sang the blues in all these wars dying for some unknown cause
I sang the blues in a high tone, low moan, loud groan, soft grunt, hard funk
I sang the blues in land sea and air, about who when why and where
I sang the blues in church on sunday, slaving on monday, misused on tuesday, abused on wednesday, accused on thursday, fried alive on friday, and died on saturday.
Sho nuff singing the blues
I sang the blues in the summer, fall winter and spring
I know sho nuff the blues is my thing
I sang the Backwater Blues, Rhythm and Blues, gospel blues, Saint Louis Blues, crosstown Blues, Chicago Blues, Mississippi Goddam blues, the Watts blues, the Harlem blues, hoe blues, gut-bucket blues, funky chunky blues, i sang the up north cigarette corp blues, the down south sprung out the side of my mouth blues,
I sang the blues black, i sang the blues blacker, i sang the blues blackest

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