Lumumba, héros national

Franco & L'O.K. Jazz
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L’arbre Lumumba
(André Ze Jam Afane)

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Si veda anche L’arbre Lumumba
(l)Bakakangi ngai , bandeko
I was arrested, my fellow countrymen
Bapekisaki ngai, bandeko, kombo ya Lumumba naloba te
They forbad me to say Lumumbas name
Mobutu andimi alobi naloba
(But) Mobutu has said I'm allowed to

(ll)Banyokolaki ngai, bandeko
I was beaten up, my fellow countrymen
Balingaki nalela Lumumba te
They didnt want me to cry for Lumumba
Lumumba akofeli lunité nationale
Lumumba was killed because he wanted our Nation to remain united
Mobutu ati ye Héros National
Mobutu has declared him National Hero

(lll)Basekaki ngai, bandeko
I was laughed at, my fellow countrymen
Nakomaki nde tobima na tango
That was the time, if you had beard
Bazui yo na mandefo, yo nationaliste
Theyd pull you by your beard calling you (names), nationaliste
Mobutu apekisi kitribalisme
Mobutu has forbidden tribalism

(lV)Nakimaki ndako na ngai, bandeko
I fled from my home, my countrymen
Balingaki naloba ta Lumumba te
They didnt even want me to say Lumumba
Lelo la vérité rien que la vérité
To-day, the truth is there, nothing but the truth (Mobutus words)
Mobutu akitani Lumumba
Mobutu is Lumumbas heir


Oh Mobutu, landa nzela boyakanaki na Lumumba
Oh Mobutu, follow the road you agreed with Lumumba
Maloba ya Mobutu lokola Lumumba asekwui na lilita
When Mobutu speaks, one could think Lumumba has resuscitated

Oh Mobutu, Lumbumba akofeli Indépendance économique
Oh Mobutu (remember) Lumumba was killed because he wanted Congo to be economically independent
Elongi ya Mobutu pembeni lokola elongi ya Lumumba
Mobutus face looks like Lumumbas
Oh Lumumba, Mobutu azongisi kombo na Congo
Oh Lumumba, Mobutu has rehabilitated your name in Congo
Bayini ya Lumumba, bakomi sika yo bayini ya Mobutu
Those who hated Lumumba are the same who hate Mobutu
Banationaliste basepeli, Lumumba azui monument na kati ya Kongo
The nationalists are delighted as Lumumba has a monument now in Congo (1)
La Belgique a échoué, Contentieux Belgo-Congolais enterré
Belgium has failed, the « Contentieux Belgo-Congolais is burried

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